Friday, June 14, 2024

Cleveland City Closes Offices Following Attack on IT Systems

Cleveland City Hall and Erieview offices will remain closed for a second consecutive day, June 11, as officials continue investigating a significant “cyber event” that has disrupted city operations.A recent tweet from the...

SSLoad Malware Employs MSI Installer To Kick-Start Delivery Chain

Malware distributors use MSI installers as Windows OS already trusts them to run with administrative rights by bypassing security controls.For this reason, MSI files...

PoC Exploit Released For Veeam Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

A proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit has been released for a critical authentication bypass vulnerability in Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2024-29849, has...

Managing IT Assets To Produce Maximum Value

The IT infrastructure in modern companies is usually extensive and contains many assets. These IT assets must be managed effectively so that businesses can...

Duckduckgo Launches Anonymous AI Chatbots

DuckDuckGo has unveiled a new feature, AI Chat, which offers users an anonymous way to access popular AI chatbots.This innovative service includes models...

Beware of Fake KMSPico Activators that Deliver Vidar Stealer Malware

Researchers detected an attack involving a fake KMSPico activator tool, which delivered Vidar Stealer through several events.The attack leveraged Java dependencies and a malicious...

GoldPickaxe iOS Malware Harvests Facial Recognition Data & Bank Accounts

Due to the growing popularity of Apple devices, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting iOS and macOS with malware.The App Store is no longer secure,...

North Korean Kimsuky Attacking Arms Manufacturer In Europe

The North Korean state-sponsored group known as Kimsuky has launched a sophisticated cyber-espionage campaign targeting a prominent weapons manufacturer in Western Europe.This attack released...

300+ Times Downloaded Package from PyPI Contains Wiper Components

ReversingLabs researchers recently uncovered a malicious open-source package named xFileSyncerx on the Python Package Index (PyPI).This package, which had been downloaded nearly 300...

Tenable Acquires Eureka Security To Provide Data Security Across Infrastructure

Tenable® Holdings, Inc., a leading Exposure Management company, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Eureka Security, Inc., a prominent provider of data security...

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