7 Best Ways to Turn Your Cyber Security Skills Into a $100,000 Career

7 Best Ways to Turn Your Cyber Security Skills Into a $100,000 Career

The world is in major need of more cyber security expert with relevant cyber security skills. A recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures...
16Shop Phishing Kit Distribution Network Expands to Attack PayPal Users and adds Antibot Module

16Shop – Malware-as-a-service Phishing Toolkit Attack PayPal Users With Anti-Detection Techniques

A prolific phishing kit distribution network dubbed "16Shop" believed to be active since 2018 and developed by a hacking group called the...
PXJ Ransomware

New PXJ Ransomware Delete’s Backup Copies and Disable’s User Ability to Recover any Files

Researchers discovered a new ransomware strain dubbed Pxj that encrypts users' files appends ".pxj" extension to the encrypted files.
Symptom Checker App

Reliance Jio’s Coronavirus Symptom Checker App Exposes Users Data Online Due to Security Error

A security error with Reliance Jio's Coronavirus Symptom Checker App exposes its core database to the Internet without a password.
Apache Guacamole

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Exposes Apache’s popular Remote Desktop Gateway for Hacking

Two critical security vulnerabilities found with Apache’s popular open-source remote desktop gateway Apache Guacamole. It supports all standard protocols like VNC, RDP,...


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