Friday, June 21, 2024

Phishing Attacks Rise By 58% As The Attackers Leverage AI Tools

AI-powered generative tools have supercharged phishing threats, so even newbie attackers can effortlessly create refined, individualized campaigns.Protecting data and systems from this democratization of...

NSA, CISA & FBI Released Best Practices For AI Security Deployment 2024

In a groundbreaking move, the U.S. Department of Defense has released a comprehensive guide for organizations deploying and operating AI systems designed and developed...

Zoom Unveils AI-Powered All-In-One AI Work Workplace

Zoom has taken a monumental leap forward by introducing Zoom Workplace, an all-encompassing AI-powered platform designed to redefine how we work.This innovative solution...

Hackers Actively Exploiting Ray AI Framework Flaw to Hack Thousands of Servers

A critical vulnerability in Ray, an open-source AI framework that is widely utilized across various sectors, including education, cryptocurrency, and biopharma.This vulnerability, known...

Hackers Selling GlorySprout Malware with Anti-VM Features in underground Fourm for $300

GlorySprout stealer, advertised on the XSS forum in early March 2024, is a C++ stealer sold for $300 with lifetime access and temporary payload...

DarkGPT – A ChatGPT-4 Powered OSINT Tool To Detect Leaked Databases

DarkGPT, your next-level OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) assistant. In this digital era, the ability to sift through vast amounts of data is invaluable, and...

OpenCTI: OSINT Platform to SOC & MDR Teams for Malware Analysis

ANY.RUN now integrates with OpenCTI, a cyber threat intelligence platform that allows automatic enrichment of OpenCTI observations with malware data directly from ANY.RUN analysis. Users...

Critical ChatGPT Plugins Flaw Let Attackers Gain Control Over Organization’s Account

Threat actors can exploit ChatGPT's ecosystem for several illicit purposes, such as crafting prompts to generate malicious code, phishing lures, and disinformation content.Even threat...

Microsoft Copilot for Security: AI tool to Help Security and IT professionals

Microsoft Copilot for security was a generative AI solution that can help security and IT professionals handle their security operations much more efficiently.This...

Italian DPA Asks OpenAI’s ‘Sora’ to Reveal Algorithm Information

The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has initiated a thorough investigation into OpenAI, the American tech giant, following its recent announcement of a cutting-edge...

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