Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Corrupt Police Imprisoned for Revealing Investigation Secrets

Natalie Mottram, a 25-year-old intelligence analyst who worked for Cheshire Police and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU), has been given a...

ServiceNow Misconfigurations Lead to Leak of Sensitive Data

ServiceNow has been alerted to a potential misconfiguration concern that might impact the security of its platform. The company is actively addressing the issue...

Hackers Leaks Millions of 23andMe User Details on Dark Web

A threat actor allegedly published 4.1 million genetic data profiles stolen from the DNA testing company 23andMe in dark web forums.The British Royal Family,...

Hackers Steal User’s Database From European Telecommunications Standards Institute

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has uncovered a data breach in which threat actors obtained a database holding a list of portal users.The...

BlackTech APT Hackers Break into Cisco Firmware to Attack the US and Japan

Since 2010, a group of hackers known as BlackTech APT has been engaging in malicious activities. The targets of their attacks encompass a wide...

Millions Of Newborn Registry Records Were Compromised In A MOVEit Data Breach

The Progress MOVEit software's vulnerability resulted in a cybersecurity breach that affected BORN (the Better Outcomes Registry & Network), which gathers data on pregnancies, births,...

T-Mobile App Glitch Exposes Other User’s Sensitive Data

The mobile application of T-Mobile has recently been a cause of concern among its customers due to issues concerning privacy.Users have reported accessing sensitive...

Forever 21 Systems Hacked: 500,000+ Users Affected

In a recent development, Forever 21 disclosed a cyber incident that came to light on March 20, 2023, affecting a limited number of its...

Mom’s Meals Breached: Over 1.2 Million Consumers Data Exposed

PurFoods, LLC, operating under the trade name Mom’s Meals, has announced the compromise of personal information affecting its clients and employees. The company acknowledged that...

Responding To And Recovering From Physical Security Breaches

Unfortunately, data breaches and similarly related physical security threats are something of an eventuality in the modern world.Recently published data reveals 28% of...

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