Massive Data Breach

773 Million Credentials of Email & Password leaked in Massive Data Breach – Biggest...

Welcome to the Massive Data breach of 2019, around 773 million datas contains email addresses and passwords were breached and circulated...
Cognizant Data breach

Cognizant Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

IT services giant cognizant suffered a ransomware attack last April which cause service disruptions to its clients. Cognizant is...
Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Breached – Hackers Accessed Stack Overflow’s Production Systems

Stack Overflow, a question & answer based site for professional and programmers founded in 2008 reported a security breach.

Adidas Suffering Potential Data Breach – Millions of Customer Data May have been Exposed

Adidas Announced potential data breach on their customer data and millions of U.S Customers data who shopped from its website possibly exposed. Thursday Adidas said possible security breach...
Data Theft

When Data Theft Is an Inside Job

From the University of Nebraska in the U.S. to a leading Canadian credit union, and a dustup between Tesla Motors and China’s...


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