Sunday, July 14, 2024

1.3 Million Indian’s Credit/Debit Card Data Available to Sale on Underground Darkweb Market

A huge database of more than 1.3 Credit and Debit Cards data put up for sale on Joker’s Stash, an infamous carding bazar that...

RisePro Stealer Attacks Windows Users Steals Sensitive Data

A new wave of cyber threats has emerged as the RisePro information stealer targets Windows users, compromising sensitive data and causing significant security concerns....

Threat Actors Selling Shopify Commerce Platform Data on Dark Web

Threat actors have been found selling sensitive data from the Shopify commerce platform on the dark web.This alarming news was first reported by...

Dell Hacked – Data Breach Exposed Names, Email addresses & Hashed Passwords

Dell announced a critical data breach incident and the attackers performed unauthorized activities in customers sensitive information.Dell is an American multinational computer technology...

Toyota Hacked – Hackers Leaked 3.1 Million Customers Sensitive Information Online

Toyota hacked, yes, Toyota major subsidiaries network compromised by unknown hackers and they gained unauthorized access to the network where Toyota stored nearly 3.1...

Cisco Duo Data Breach: Hackers Stolen VoIP & SMS for MFA

Cisco's Duo Security, a leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) service, has suffered a significant data breach.The April 1, 2024, incident involved unauthorized access to...

GoDaddy Hack – Attackers Gained SSH Access to Customer Hosting Accounts

GoDaddy, the world's largest domain registrar and hosting provider announced a data breach that impacts web hosting account credentials.The company notified unauthorized party access...

Toyota Ransomware Attack Exposes Customers Personal Data

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) notifies customers after a data breach that exposed personal and sensitive financial information.In a limited number of locations, including Toyota...

Italian Bank “Unicredit” Hacked and Stolen 400,000 Customers Loan Account Details

An Italian Largest Bank "Unicredit" have been Hacked and stolen more than  400,000 Customers Sensitive Loan Details.Hackers Steal the Loan information of Unicredit  due...

Giant Tiger Data Breach: Customers Data Exposed Via Vendor

Giant Tiger, a prominent Ottawa-based discount retailer, has announced a breach of customer data.This incident, linked to a third-party vendor responsible for managing...

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