Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hackers Claiming Breach of UAE Government Servers

A group of hackers has claimed responsibility for infiltrating several servers belonging to the United Arab Emirates government.The announcement was made through a...

New DragonForce Ransomware Emerged From The Leaked LOCKBIT Builder

Hackers exploit LOCKBIT Builder due to its versatility in creating customized ransomware payloads which enable them to tailor attacks to specific targets and evade...

Hackers Group Claims To Have Broke Into IDF & Stolen Documents

Anonymous claims a successful cyberattack against the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), gaining access to 20 gigabytes of data, which allegedly includes over 233,000 military...

LeSlipFrancais Data Breach: Customers’ Personal Information Exposed

LeSlipFrancais, the renowned French underwear brand, has confirmed a data breach impacting its customer base.The breach, first reported by the online security platform...

INC Ransom Group Exfiltrates Data Before Encrypting & Threatens Public Exposure

Hackers exfiltrate data first before encrypting it to increase their bargaining power during ransom negotiations. Threats of public exposure of private information accelerate up the...

LightSpy Hackers Target Indian Apple Device Users To Steal Sensitive Data

Hackers target Apple device users because they are perceived to be of higher social classes. This leads to targets who are richer than others...

Cisco Duo Data Breach: Hackers Stolen VoIP & SMS for MFA

Cisco's Duo Security, a leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) service, has suffered a significant data breach.The April 1, 2024, incident involved unauthorized access to...

Sisence Data Breach, CISA Urges To Reset Login Credentials

In response to a recent data breach at Sisense, a provider of data analytics services, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) advised...
Taxi Software Vendor Data Leak

Taxi App Vendor Data Leak: 300K Passengers Data Exposed

Around 300,000 taxi passengers' personal information was left exposed on the internet, causing concern in the UK and Ireland.Cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler discovered the...

Top Israeli Spy Chief Identity Exposed In A Privacy Mistake

Privacy mistakes could pose a serious threat to sensitive information or systems,, which threat actors could exploit for their gain.These mistakes can include weak...

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