Wednesday, June 19, 2024

12,000 Social Media Famous Influencers Personal Data Leaked Online

Another data leak due to misconfiguration in octoly owned Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage bucket. Around 12,000 Social Media Influencers accounts that belongs to Instagram,...

OnePlus Website Hacked and Attackers Stolen Many Customers Credit Card Details

OnePlus Website Suffered from Critical Data breach in their Payment card System and attacker stolen more than 40,000 Customers Sensitive Credit information.One of their...

Using Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies to test Organizations Security Posture on-demand

The best way for an organization to protect itself against cybercrooks is to think and act like one. There is a new technology called...

U.S Department of Homeland Security Data Breach Affected 246,167 Federal Government Employees

DHS Office of Inspector General Case Management System Privacy incidents revealed 246,167 Federal Government Employees personal sensitive information and DNS believes that this cyber-attack not...

Fashion Retailer FOREVER 21 confirms Payment Card details stolen in the Security Breach

FOREVER 21 suffered data breach, users at certain stores are affected by the incident. Now FOREVER 21 released some additional information about the payment...

Nissan Canada Data Breach May have Exposed more than 1 Million Customers Data

Nissan Canada suffers a data breach that may have exposed around 1.3 Million of sensitive customers records of Nissan Canada finance.Nissan Finance Canada offering...

123 Million American Households Sensitive Data Leaked Online – A Massive Data Leak

Updated: data Already available in Public and no data leak involve Census Bureau servers.A massive database that contains 123 Million American households sensitive...

Hackers Stole More than 19 Million Records of California State Voter Database

A newly discovered unprotected MongoDB database contains a large volume of data which belongs to California state voters information that Contains Every Registered Voter...

Leading IT Security Firm Fox-IT hit by Cyber Attack

Worlds Leading IT Security firm Fox-IT hitting by Man-in-the-Middle Cyber Attack and an attacker accessed the DNS records for the at their 3 rd...

Australian Airport Hacked: Significant Amount of Security Data Stolen by Vietnamese Hacker

A Vietnamese hacker penetrates into Perth Airport's computer system's and stole sensitive details such as building plans and security details.Authorities revealed the hacker name,...

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