Italian Bank “Unicredit” Hacked and Stolen 400,000 Customers Loan Account Details

An Italian Largest Bank "Unicredit" have been Hacked and stolen more than  400,000 Customers Sensitive Loan Details. Hackers Steal the Loan information of Unicredit  due to unauthorised access through an Italian third party provider to Customer. Initial breaches occurred September and...

6 Million Verizon Customers Data Leaked online Due to Misconfigured File Repository

Telecommunications giant Verizon's Customers 6 Million Sensitive personal data leaked online due to misconfigured cloud-based file repository and this Misconfiguraton leads to exposed customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes publicly available online. This Data Breach occurred due to "Human...
Massive WWE Data breach Over 3 million Fans records exposed

Massive WWE Data Breach Over 3 Million Fans Records Exposed

Massive data breach in WWE network, a database containing over 3 million users record exposed due to the vulnerability of the database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Scientist Bob Dyachenko, from security organization Kromtech, disclosed to Forbes that he had revealed a database...
32TB of Windows 10 Internal builds & Source Code leaked online

32TB of Windows 10 Internal builds & Source Code leaked online

Around 32TB of Windows 10 internal builds, including non-public installation images and software blueprints, upload online by an anonymous person on June 19. Normally, internal builds were created by Microsoft engineers for bug-hunting and testing purposes. These private debugging symbols...

198 Million American Voters Personal Records Leaked In Public- Biggest Voters Data Leak Ever

A Mis-configured Database that Stored more than 198 million American Voters personal information has been leaked  which is consider as Majority of peoples personal  information among the all US Citizens. All the  data that contains voter personal information leaked in...


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