Data Leaked online

ABC Company Massive Data Leaked online from Amazon S3 Bucket

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Sensitive data leaked online from AWS S3 repositories that included usernames, email addresses, password hashes, and other user details. Leaked data...

Fashion Retailer FOREVER 21 Admits Payment Card Security Breach

Another data breach, Los Angeles based fashion retailer FOREVER 21 suffered data breach, users at certain stores are affected by it. FOREVER 21 operates more...
Verticalscope Hacked

Verticalscope Hacked Second Time – 2.7 Million users Account Compromised

VerticalScope is an Internet media organization that gives scope and examination to technology, car, and games vertical markets. The web forum consists of 45 million...
Data Leaked

46.2 Million Malaysian’s Personal Data Leaked Online – Largest Data Breach Ever in Malaysian...

Malaysian's Biggest Data Breach Exposed around 46.2 Million Mobile phone numbers Data have been leaked online from Malaysian telecoms and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). The...
Cosmetic Company leaked 2 Million Customers Personal Data Online

Famous Cosmetic Company “Tarte” leaked 2 Million Customers Personal Data Online

Newyork based Cosmetic Company Tarte’s leaked online around 3 million US and international customers data who shopped via their online store between 2008-2017 due...


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