Thursday, July 25, 2024

New ShadowRoot Ransomware Attacking Business Via Weaponized PDF’s

X-Labs identified basic ransomware targeting Turkish businesses, delivered via PDF attachments in suspicious emails from the internetru domain. PDF links trigger exe payload downloads, which...

Mekotio Banking Trojan Attacking American Users To Steal Financial Data

Active since 2015, Mekotio is a Latin American banking trojan specifically designed to target financial data in regions like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and...
Kimsuky HappyDoor regsvr32

Kimusk’s HappyDoor Executed Via regsvr32 File To Evade Detection

Kimsuky, also known as the Velvet Chollima, Black Banshee, THALLIUM, or Emerald Sleet, is a North Korean state-sponsored advanced cyber espionage group that uses...

Hackers Abused Twilio API To Verify Phone Numbers used For MFA

An unauthenticated endpoint vulnerability allowed threat actors to identify phone numbers associated with Authy accounts, which was identified, and the endpoint has been secured...

Mailcow Mail Server Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-31204 and CVE-2024-30270) affecting Mailcow versions before 2024-04 allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server.An attacker can exploit...

New Highly Evasive SquidLoader Attacking Employees Mimic As Word Document

Researchers discovered a new malware loader named SquidLoader targeting Chinese organizations, which arrives as an executable disguised as a Word document attached to phishing...

New PhaaS Platform Lets Attackers Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

Several phishing campaign kits have been used widely by threat actors in the past. One popular PhaaS (Phishing-as-a-Platform) was Caffeine, which was first identified...

Smishing Triad Hackers Attacking Online Banking, E-Commerce AND Payment Systems Customers

Hackers often attack online banking platforms, e-commerce portals, and payment systems for illicit purposes.Resecurity researchers have recently revealed that the Smishing Triad group has...

Beware WARMCOOKIE Backdoor Knocking Your Inbox

WARMCOOKIE is a new Windows backdoor that is deployed by a phishing effort with a recruiting theme dubbed REF6127.The WARMCOOKIE backdoor can be used...

Remcos RAT Distributed As UUEncoding (UUE) File To Steal Logins

Researchers identified a campaign distributing Remcos RAT, a Remote Access Trojan, where the attack uses phishing emails disguised as legitimate business communication, such as...

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