Citrix ADC

Hackers Actively Scanning & Constantly Attempt To Exploit Citrix ADC Vulnerabilities

Recently, the Citrix published a set of 11 vulnerabilities in its most popular products that includes Citrix ADC as well, new research...
Hackers Bypass Symantec Web Gateways Using Mirai &  Hoaxcalls Botnets

Hackers Bypass Symantec Web Gateways Using Mirai & Hoaxcalls Botnets

A new Mirai and Hoaxcalls botnet campaign which is attacking post-authentication class of the Symantec Secure Web Gateway Remote code execution vulnerability.
fox kitten

Fox Kitten – Iranian Malware Campaign Exploiting Vulnerable VPN Servers To Hack The Organizations...

Researchers discovered a widespread Iranian malware campaign called Fox Kitten that targeting the several organization networks by exploiting the Vulnerabilities in VPN.
Cryptographic vulnerability

Urgent !! Windows User Urged to Patch A Critical Crypto Vulnerability on Windows 10,...

Windows users are recommended to immediately patch the critical Cryptographic vulnerability that existing in the Windows CryptoAPI (Crypt32.dll) that affected Windows...
Ruckus Wireless Routers

3 Critical RCE Vulnerability That Affects Ruckus Wireless Routers Let Hackers Exploit the Routers...

A security researcher discovered a 3 critical remote code execution vulnerabilities in Ruckus Wireless routers let malicious hackers bypass the routers and...


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