Beef Xss Framework

BeEF – Browser Exploitation Framework Over Wan (Without Port Forwarding)

Beef Xss Framework is a browser exploitation tool. It mainly focuses on client-side attacks and web-based browsers. It helps a penetration tester to understand past the network perimeter and client system. Its available in Kali Linux and other penetration...
DDE exploit

Exploiting Windows Using Microsoft Office DDE Exploit (MACROLESS)

DDE exploit also was known as dynamic data exchange, it allows data to be transferred between applications without any interaction from the user. Hackers leveraged this method to execute malicious scripts to compromise. It was reported to Microsoft from Sensepost,...

JSRAT – Secret Command and Control Channel Backdoor to Control Victims Machine Using JavaScript

JsRat is python based script developed to backdoor victim machine using JavaScript payloads and the HTTP protocol for communication between the server and the target hosts. Here I have used Kali Linux(Attacker Machine) and Victim Machine (Windows 10) Installation & Setup :- ...
Commix – Automated All-in-One OS Command Injection and Exploitation Tool

Commix – Automated All-in-One OS Command Injection and Exploitation Tool

Commix (short for and njection eploiter) has a simple environment and it can be used, from web developers, penetration testers or even security researchers to test web applications with the view to find bugs, errors or vulnerabilities related to...

Bypass an Anti Virus Detection with Encrypted Payloads using VENOM Tool

Nowadays many Malware and Payloads are using Encryption techniques and packing techniques using Packers to Evade the Anti Virus Software since AV is Difficult to detect the Encrypted and packed Malware and payload. Here we are going to learn about...


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