Facebook Stored Millions of Instagram Users Password in Plain Text

Facebook revealed last month that they stored tens of millions of Facebook password in plain text including thousand of the Instagram password instead of masking it as a human-readable format. Now its worse...
1.5 Million

Facebook Collected and Uploaded 1.5 Million People’s Email Contacts Without their Knowledge

Facebook revealed that it has harvested and uploaded 1.5 million users email contacts who sign up for the social network since 2016. The email address was scrapped when Facebook asks users to enter their...
Facebook Groups

74 Facebook Groups With 385,000 Members Serves as Black Markets for Hackers to Carry...

Cybercriminal host dozens of Facebook groups to serve as a marketplace for carrying out a number of illicit services and for exchanges. Instead of using hidden services cybercriminals prefer to operate in the massive social media platform.

540 Million Facebook Users Personal Data Exposed to the Public Internet

Over 540 million Facebook users personal records that include comments, likes, reactions, account names, FB IDs exposed to the public Internet. All the data are collected and stored by Third-Party developers. Researchers from UpGuard...
Password in Plain Text

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of Users Password in Plain Text

Facebook Stored their hundreds of millions of users password in plain text instead of masking it as a human-readable format. These millions of unencrypted plain text passwords are accessible by thousands of internal Facebook...


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