Monday, July 15, 2024

Hackers Hijack Facebook Pages to Mimic AI Brands & Inject Malware

Hackers have been found hijacking Facebook pages to impersonate popular AI brands, thereby injecting malware into the devices of unsuspecting users.This revelation comes...

Beware of New Snake Python Infostealer Attacking Facebook Messenger Users

A new menace has emerged targeting unsuspecting Facebook Messenger users.Dubbed the "Python Infostealer," this malicious software is designed to pilfer credentials through sophisticated...

US Court Orders NSO Group to Handover Code for Spyware, Pegasus to WhatsApp

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, filed a lawsuit against NSO Group in 2019. The lawsuit claims that NSO took advantage of a...

Hackers Hijacking Facebook Accounts with Malware via Facebook Ads

Social media platforms offer financially motivated threat actors opportunities for large-scale attacks by providing a vast user base to target with:- Phishing scamsFraudulent schemesMalware distributionThese...

Hackers Attack Facebook Business Users Aggressively to Steal Login Credentials

A new and highly concerning cyber threat has emerged, as a botnet known as "MrTonyScam" has been orchestrating an extensive Messenger phishing campaign on...

New Android Malware Stolen Facebook Credentials From 300,000 Victims

The mobile security firm Zimperium has recently issued a warning about a Trojan called "Schoolyard Bully," which is actively masquerading as an educational application...

Facebook Secret Tool to Remove User’s Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Facebook has introduced a new secret tool that allows users check whether the firm holds their contact information, such as their phone number or...

Malicious Facebook Messenger Chatbots Steal Facebook Pages User’s Credentials

As part of a new phishing attack, impersonating the company's customer support team using Facebook Messenger chatbots, attackers are trying to steal Facebook credentials...

Meta Expands Facebook Protect Program to Protect People Targeted by Malicious Hackers

Meta decided to expand its new security program which is named Facebook Protect, it is a security-enhancing program that is typically created to protect...

Breaking!! Facebook Now Renamed as ‘Meta’

Mark Zuckerberg renamed its social network Facebook to Meta; under this new brand, Zuckerberg assured that they would combine all their apps and technologies.The...

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