Friday, April 19, 2024

Sophos Firewall Code Injection Flaw: Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

A critical security flaw has been discovered in the Sophos Firewall User Portal and Webadmin, allowing hackers to execute malicious code remotely.The vulnerability...

10 Best Free Firewall Software – 2024

In this article, we have done an depth analysis and listed your top 10 best Free Firewall software that provides extended security to protect...

Sophos Web Appliance Critical Flaw Let Attacker Execute Arbitrary Code

Sophos has released a new security advisory that has fixed 3 of its significant vulnerabilities, allowing threat actors to execute arbitrary code injection on...

Over 4,000 Internet-facing Sophos Firewalls Vulnerable to Code Injection Attacks

The Sophos Firewall Webadmin and User Portal HTTP interfaces are vulnerable to unauthenticated and remote code execution, as stated in an alert released by...

5 Benefits of a Cloud Firewall

Firewalls have been a staple of almost every organization’s security since its inception in the late 80s. A firewall is a network security device...

How Does WAF Help in Zero-day Attacks Prevention

Zero-day attacks have been a real pain to organizations these days. Due to the unavailability of patches for such attacks, it becomes difficult for...

Introducing the World’s First Free Cloud WAF to Secure Your Web Applications

A web application firewall is a firewall that monitors, filters, and blocks statistics packets as they journey to and from an internet site or net software.A...

Measure your Cloud Security in 5 steps with Prophaze

Following the latest business trends, are you also planning to take your business to the cloud? If yes, have you considered the options for...

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