Google Sheets

Hackers Bypass Google Filters & Launching CSV Malware via Google Sheets

Cybercriminals are using new sophisticated techniques to spread CSV malware via Google sheets instead of using Microsoft Excel sheet which is often used by malicious hackers. Cyber attackers are day today increasing and the...
DNS-over-TLS – Google Public DNS now Support DNS-over-TLS to Protect Customer Search Queries

Google Public DNS ( now officially supports DNS-over-TLS that provides complete privacy for users and their search queries between their devices and Google Public DNS. DNS allows to convert Internet domain names like

Spyware From Google Play as a Legitimate Android Apps That Infected 196 Country Users

Dangerous spyware apps discovered form the Google play store that posed as legitimate apps and almost 100,000 users downloaded and affected these malicious apps from 196 countries. Based on the Current mobile-based attacks, Android...

Facebook Gave Users Personal Data Access including Private Messages to Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix,...

Facebook's internal document shows that it gave users personal data access to some of the tech gaints including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify and Yandex. Data access including users' private messages and to...

Google Launches reCAPTCHA v3 – A New Way to Stop Bot Traffic

Google launches reCAPTCHA v3 which returns a score based on the action in the website, which help's webmaster in protecting the site against both. Google acquires reCAPTCHA in the year 2009, from the time of acquisition Google made a number...


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