Google Sheets

Hackers Bypass Google Filters & Launching CSV Malware via Google Sheets

Cybercriminals are using new sophisticated techniques to spread CSV malware via Google sheets instead of using Microsoft Excel sheet which is often...
Hacked Password

Google Released a New Feature in Chrome to Fix Your Hacked Password in 1-Click

The security researchers at Google have recently added a very new unique feature for Chrome, and this feature will help the users...
Google Chrome Security Update

Google Chrome Security Update Wide Range of Attacks – Update Now!

Google released Chrome 85.0.4183.121 for Windows, Mac, and Linux which comes with a fix for 10 security flaws.
Haken malware

8 Malicious Applications in Google Play Store Infects 50,000 Android Users to Steal Data...

A new clicker malware found in Google play dubbed Haken aims to gain control over the affected devices and to generate illegitimate...

New Android Malware “BasBanke” Steal Financial Data Such as Credentials & Credit/Debit Card Numbers

Researchers discovered a new Android Malware called "BasBanke" targeting Brazilian users to steals financial related sensitive data such as credentials and credit/debit...


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