Unpatched Dropbox for Windows Zero-Day Bug Let Hackers get SYSTEM Privileges

A zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows allows attackers to escalate privileges from simple windows users privilege to the reserved SYSTEM privilege.
Cisco IOS XE Software Vulnerabilities Let Hackers  to Execute Arbitrary Commands and Gain Root Access in Cisco Devices

Cisco IOS XE Software Vulnerabilities Let Hackers Gain Root Access in Cisco Devices

Cisco released a security update for multiple vulnerabilities that affected Cisco IOS XE Software web-based user interface (Web UI) that allows a...
Bluetooth Vulnerability

New Bluetooth Vulnerability in Android Let Remote Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code & Silently Take...

A new critical Bluetooth vulnerability discovered in Android Bluetooth system that allows remote attackers silently execute arbitrary code remotely and take the...
Plugin Zeroday

Hackers Launching Website Take Over Attack by Exploiting Multiple Zero-day Vulnerabilities – 150,000 +...

Researchers uncovered a new site take over the campaign that targeting WordPress websites by exploiting the multiple Wordpress Plugin Zeroday vulnerabilities.
D-Link Routers

RCE Vulnerability in D-Link Routers Let Hackers Access the Router Admin Page Without Credentials

Security researchers disclosed a new unauthenticated command injection vulnerability in some of the D-link routers. The vulnerability can be tracked as CVE-2019-16920...


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