phpMyAdmin CSRF Vulnerability Allows An Attacker to Deleting Records From Database

A new Critical CSRF Vulnerability discovered in widely used phpMyAdmin open source admin tool allows an attacker perform harmful database operation such as DROP TABLE With A Single Click, Deleting Records in Database. CSRF Vulnerability is one of the critical...
IoT Backdoor

DoubleDoor – An IoT Botnet Bypasses Firewall Using Backdoor Exploits

IoT Backdoor exploits called Doubledoor have been discovered which allows bypassing an IoT layered security that leads to taking complete control of the targeting network systems. IoT based cyber Attacks are blooming since the number IoT devices are increasing rapidly...

Discovered Critical Bug allowed to Delete any Videos from Facebook

Security researcher Dan Melamed came across the vulnerability in June 2016. The bug is some ways similar to a vulnerability discovered by another researcher around the same time. There's just one major exception. Dan Melamed said ,c  Dan Melamed In...

Keylogger Discovered in HP Notebook Keyboard Drivers

HP Notebook Drivers contains Keylogger vulnerability that can be abused by hackers and steal the user's information which could be affected with hundred of HP Notebook model. This critical vulnerability discovered in keyboard driver SynTP.sys HP Notebook computers and by default...
Lenovo Fingerprint Manager

Attackers Can Bypass Lenovo Fingerprint Manager through a Hard-coded Password

Lenovo released a security update for critical vulnerability with Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro that impacts dozens of ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation Workstations that are running Windows 7, 8 and the 8.1 operating systems. It is a utility for user authentication...


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