Intel Remote Keyboard

Intel Alerts Users to Delete Remote keyboard App After Critical Security Bugs

Intel asks the user's to uninstall the Intel Remote Keyboard for Android and iOS mobile device after researchers disclosed a critical security bug that...
Exploit Kit

Hackers Distributing Variety of New Exploits and Malware via Microsoft Office Document Exploit Kit

Newly discovered Microsoft office document exploit kit contains a variety of recent exploits and Malware such as Lokibot, Formbook and tracking kit called such...

Hackers Can Remotely Control Your Camera to Monitor and Record All Your Activities

A  dangerous flaw discovered in Popular Hanwha Smart camera's cloud server architecture that could allow an attacker to perform various malicious activities and to take...
Facebook Page Admin

A Facebook Vulnerability that Allows to Reveals the Facebook Page Admin Identity

A new facebook vulnerability discovered by the Security researcher that allows revealing the Facebook page admin identity in plain text. Facebook introduced new future for Page...
Remote Code Execution

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Affected with Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – Its Time...

A Critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability discovered in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC that will perform a stack-based buffer overflow and execute the orbitary code...


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