Critical Flaw in Popular BitTorrent Transmission Client Leads to an Attacker Perform Remote Hack...

A critical flaw discovered in BitTorrent Transmission client app that allows an attacker can remotely control the victims PC by using a method called...

macOS High Sierra’s App Store System Can be Unlocked by Any Password

New bug discovered in macOS High Sierra allows unlocking the App Store System Preferences by any password. App Store System Preferences accept any password when...

Trackmageddon – Location Tracking Services (GPS) Vulnerabilities Allow to Access Unauthorized GPS Location Data

Security researchers discovered multiple vulnerabilities dubbed "Trackmageddon" which affects GPS services and online location tracking devices. The vulnerabilities with GPS location tracking devices allow an...

phpMyAdmin CSRF Vulnerability Allows An Attacker to Deleting Records From Database

A new Critical CSRF Vulnerability discovered in widely used phpMyAdmin open source admin tool allows an attacker perform harmful database operation such as DROP...
GoAhead Servers

GoAhead Servers Vulnerability Affected Hundreds of Thousands of IoT Devices

A critical vulnerability discovered in GoAhead Servers with versions running below 3.6.5 allows an attacker can exploit a remote code in GoAhead web Servers which affect...


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