Cloak & Dagger

Beware!! All Android Versions Up to 7.0 are Vulnerable to Toast Overlay Attack

Cloak & Dagger is a new class of potential attacks affecting Android devices. These attacks allow a malicious app to completely control the UI...

New Apache Struts Vulnerability Allows Attackers to Take Control Over Web Servers

Apache Struts is a free and open-source framework used to build Java web applications.This is not the first remote code execution vulnerability discovered on...

PowerPoint file Equipped with CVE-2017-0199 could Compromise Your System

Security experts from FortiGuard Labs discovered a malicious Powerpoint file in name ADVANCED DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL AND ETIQUETTE SUMMIT.ppsx using the CVE-2017-0199 Vulnerability.By opening, this...
Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player Bug that can Leak Windows User Credentials

Adobe published a new version of Flash player in the middle of this week covering the Security issues under CVE-2017-3085 that affects all the...
Millions of IoT Devices Infected with “Devil’s Ivy” RCE vulnerability

Millions of IoT Devices Infected with “Devil’s Ivy” Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Including Internet...

A New Vulnerability called  “Devil’s Ivy” Discovered that infected Tens of Millions of IoT Devices which leads to Remotely Execute the code in IoT's...


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