RCE Flaw in Apache OFBiz Allowed An Attackers to Take Over The ERP System

RCE Flaw in Apache OFBiz Allowed An Attackers to Take Over The ERP System

The developers at Apache Software Foundation have recently fixed a critical RCE flaw (CVE-2021-26295) in Apache OFBiz. This flaw could allow an...
Netgear JGS516PE Ethernet Flaws

Netgear JGS516PE Ethernet Switch Flaws let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Recently, Netgear has published security updates to inscribe 15 severe vulnerabilities in its JGS516PE Ethernet switch. These flaws involve an unauthenticated remote...
Google zero-day Vulnerability

Google Fixed yet Another Actively Exploited zero-day Vulnerability in the Chrome Browser

Once again Google has fixed another Zero-day vulnerability in the Chrome browser, and this is the second vulnerability that has been recently...
Linux Kernel Vulnerability

Linux Kernel Vulnerability that Allows Local Attackers to Escalate Privileges

The Security Researcher Alexander Popov found vulnerabilities in the kernel of Linux operating systems that could allow an attacker to escalate local...
Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch as Chinese Hackers Exploiting Exchange Server Flaws

The Microsoft Security Response Center yesterday released several security updates for Microsoft Exchange Server. These updates were targeted at addressing vulnerabilities that...


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