IBM zero-days

Four IBM Zero-days Leaked Online After the Company Refused to Patch The Bugs

Security researcher Pedro Ribeiro, Director of Research at Agile Information Security disclosed four zero-day vulnerabilities on GitHub after the company refused to...
TikTok Vulnerability

TikTok Vulnerability Let Hackers to Hijack any Video Content

A security vulnerability with TikTok allows attackers to inject any videos in the User feeds, the bug affects verified users also. Attackers...
Oracle Critical Patch

Oracle Critical Patch Update Addresses 405 New Security Vulnerabilities – April 2020

Oracle released an emergency security update for another critical remote code execution vulnerability that can be exploited by the remote attacker to...
VMware vCenter

Critical VMware Flaw Let Attackers to Hack VMware vCenter Server

VMware patches a critical security vulnerability that allows malicious attackers to obtain sensitive information. The vulnerability can be tracked...
iOS/macOS Camera

iOS/macOS Webcam Can be Hacked With A Single Click On Malformed Link – Hacker...

By just making the users visiting a link, an attacker can hack the users' iOS/macOS Camera using zero-day bugs in Safari.


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