Adobe Flash Zero-day

Adobe Issues Patch for Critical Flash Player Zero-day Vulnerability : Its Time to Update

Adobe has released patches for critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions. The updates released for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome...
MyHeritage Data Breach

Massive MyHeritage Data Breach – 92 Million Users Sensitive Data Leaked

MyHeritage Announced its massive data breach that leaked around 93 Million registered users sensitive data. MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform with a web, mobile,...
IBM QRadar

Multiple Vulnerabilities in IBM QRadar SIEM Allows Attackers to Escalate Privileges and to Execute...

Multiple Vulnerabilities found in IBM QRadar chained together allows a remote attacker to bypass authentication and to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges. The IBM...

baseStriker – 100 Million Email Users are Vulnerable Critical Office 365 Zero-day Flaw

A new security flaw uncovered in Office 365 dubbed baseStriker puts 100 Million Email Users at risk. With this vulnerability, attackers can bypass all...

Spectre NG – 8 New Serious Spectre Level Security Vulnerabilities Found in Intel Processors

Security Researchers discovered 8 new Spectre level critical Vulnerabilities in Intel CPU's which is named as "Spectre Next Generation (Spectre-NG)" and each has their own...


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