Black Hat Hacker CyberZeist (@cyberzeist2) Hacked FBI website “” and data leaked Online

The infamous dark cap hacker CyberZeist (@cyberzeist2) has broken into the FBI site and spilled information on Pastebin The Hacker released the FBI.GOV accounts...

New Windows 10 Update System vulnerable to Hack with Critical security Flow

The most recent adaptation of the Microsoft OS has gotten to be at the end of the day a point of examination, and this...

Pakistan Airport Websites Hacked : Return Revenge New year Gift From Indian Hackers

After Pakistani cyber attackers hacked Thiruvananthapuram airport's website a group of cyber experts from Kerala - the 'Mallu Cyber Soldiers' - decided to respond...
Victoria's Human Rights Commission

Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission website hacked by Anonymous

A group asserting to be a part of the international hacking network Anonymous has assumed control over Victoria's Human Rights Commission site with a...
Critical Bug:Single MMS Can Crash Message application On IOS

Critical Bug:Single MMS Can Crash Message application On IOS

A solitary instant message could be abused to impair the Messages application on any iPhone because of an as of late found bug. The bug...


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