Brutespray – Port Scanning and Automated Brute Force Tool

Brutespray is python script which provides a combination of both port scanning and automated brute force attacks against scanned services. Scan with Nmap and use GNMAP/XML output file to Brute force Nmap open port services with default credentials using Medusa or Use...
SSL Scanner

Fast and Complete SSL Scanner to Find Mis-configurations affecting TLS/SSL Severs-A Detailed Analysis

We are moving fast to the encrypted world and the usage of TLS certificates increased dramatically.Transport Layer Security is the main feature of TLS/SSL certificates, but it also aids in performance and SEO. Now we are preparing for TLS1.3 which is...

InSpy – Linkedin Information Gathering Tool for Penetration Testers

The objective of this Information Gathering tool is to extract Linkedin users based on the organization, job description or email address.InSpy was written in python by gojhonny. Multiple Functionalities TechSpy EmpSpy TechSpy - Crawls LinkedIn job listings for technologies used by the...
Network Reconnaissance to get Target Subdomains of domain and IP's with Recon-ng & Netcraft

Network Reconnaissance to get Target Subdomains and IP’s with recon-ng & Netcraft

Recon-ng is an advanced Web Reconnaissance tool written in Python.It is an effective tool in which open source web-based reconnaissance can be led rapidly and all together. Recon-ng is a total system and makes it simple for even the most...

FIREWALK – Active Reconnaissance Network Security Tool

Firewalk is an active reconnaissance network security tool that attempts to determine what layer 4 protocols a given IP forwarding device will pass. It works by sending out TCP or UDP packets with a TTL one greater than the targeted...


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