Insider Threats

5 Steps How To Protect Your Company Infrastructure From Insider Threats

While most people worry about threats from hackers trying to breach their security from the outside, it’s just as, if not more,...
Information Security Risks

Information Security Risks That You Need to Careful With Vendors/3rd Parties

Information Security Risks assisted Business models for banking & financial services(BFS) institutions have evolved from being a monolithic banking entity to multi-tiered...
Threat Profiles

SOC Second Defense Phase – Understanding the Cyber Threat Profiles

In the first phase of architecturing the SOC, we have seen the basic level understanding of the attacks and necessary steps to...
cyber security training

How Business Can Train Their Employees to Protect The Company From Cyber Attack

Each and everyday cyber attacks keep on evolving, so Cyber security training for employees is very essential for today's businesses to prevent...
49 Million Instagram Influencers, Celebrities Personal Data Leaked Online

49 Million Instagram Influencers, Celebrities Personal Data Leaked Online

A new massive database uncovered that contains nearly 49 million of Instagram Influencer's, celebrities and brand account contact information leaked online.


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