online Gambling

The Cyber Risk of Online Gambling websites – Are Casinos Safe?

For online Gambling house, data protection is not only an obligation but also a necessary measure to retain customers and earn more business. After all, who would want to visit a casino that is nefarious for its security breaches! The virtual world,...
Website Security

Best Way to Accelerate and Secure Your Website From Top Common Web Threats

Web Applications Security becomes essential as more and more data gets stored in web applications. Web Security assessment is a wide-ranging process which includes a multitude of processes that implement the security of a web application. It is the process...
Cloud migration

Secure Cloud Migration Guide – Technical and Business Considerations

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications into the public and private cloud infrastructure to achieve cloud’s agility, resiliency and scalability drive business growth. Migrating to the cloud infrastructure provides the ability for the business to change the IT infrastructure as...

Key Elements and Important Steps to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applied on 25 May 2018, this new law applies to all companies that collect and process data belonging to European Union (EU) citizens. This includes companies with operations in the EU and/or a website...
Malware Analysis

Most Important Considerations with Malware Analysis Cheats And Tools list

Static Malware Analysis This procedure includes extraction and examination of different binary components and static behavioral inductions of an executable, for example, API headers, Referred DLLs, PE areas and all the more such assets without executing the samples. Any deviation from...


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