Shodan and Censys

Shodan and Censys: Finding Hidden Parts On the Internet With Special Search Engines

Our digital lives connect massive things with the Internet. Starting with Smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, Surveillance Camera, Smart TV, SCADA networks and leading...
Malware Analysis Tutorials

A Complete Malware Analysis Tutorials, Cheatsheet & Tools list for Security Professionals

Analysing the malware to breakdown its function and infection routine is a kind of tough job. here we describing the complete Malware...
SAAS Business

3 Reasons why SAAS Business need to Concentrate on website Security

Businesses that are growing are always trying to expand in all departments and to do that they need a website that portrays...
Zero-Day Attack

Zero-Day Attack Prevention: A Fundamental Pillar of Security

Preventing zero-day attack, one of a developer’s worst nightmares. In this guide, we’ll tackle the A to Zs of these attacks.
Organization Cyber Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Organization Cyber Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Calamity occurrence in any area, arising from natural or man-made causes, or by accident or negligence which results in substantial loss of...


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