Google using machine learning to Malware and Phishing Mails

Google using machine learning to block 99.9% of Malware and Phishing Mails

Google published a blog post introducing machine learning to detect phishing Emails, click-time warnings for malicious links, and unintended external reply warnings. Machine learning has helped Gmail accomplish over 99% accuracy in spam recognition, and with this new security improvements.Google...
Bitcoin Price Climbs as High as Ever

Bitcoin Price Climbs as high as Ever – History Created

Bitcoin Price Climbs as High as Ever reaches $2000 without precedent for history. The cash's value ascended as much as 2.62% amid the session according to Coindesk's BPI. The cost has shot up by 60 percent in the course of...
Microsoft boycott SHA-1 Certificates

Microsoft boycott SHA-1 Certificates in Edge and Internet Explorer

The move from having SSL Certificates marked with the SHA-1 hashing algorithm to certificate signed with the SHA-256 set to start in November 2014 to meet refreshed federal and PCI compliance measures. Because of the ever show the necessity to...

OWSAP TOP 10 – 2017 out for public comments

OWSAP presented Release Candidate for Top 10 2017 which add's two new vulnerabilities categories. Insufficient Attack Detection and Prevention. Underprotected APIs. Changes with 2017 They have combined (A4)Insecure Direct Object References and (A7) Missing Function Level Access Control into 2017(A4) Broken Access...

4 Cybersecurity Risks We willl Face With New WhatsApp Status Update

Following in the strides of Snapchat and Instagram,hike, Facebook-claimed WhatsApp declared the dispatch of "Status," another component that is intended to give clients a chance to share recordings, photographs, and GIFs that lapse every day. The Status expansion to WhatsApp...


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