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DNS Security: How to Reduce the Risk of a DNS Attack

The Domain Name System, also known as DNS, is one of the fundamental components that make up the internet as a whole; nevertheless, unless...

Submarine Cable Growing Popularity Intensifying Cyber Attacks

Submarine cables installed on the ocean floor facilitate the transmission of data and voice between land-based stations.International communication has relied on submarine cables since...

10 Best Free Password Managers to Secure Your Password For 2024

Free Password Manager always helps to make Strong passwords to protect your devices, online banking accounts, and other data sources from unauthorized access....

Modern CyberSOC – A Brief Implementation Of Building a Cyber Security Infrastructure

In earlier years, everyone depends on CyberSOC (including firewalls, WAF, SIEM, etc.) and the priority in building the SOC provides security, and the CIA...

10 Best Open Port Scanner and Port Checker Tools for 2024

Port scanners and port checker tools are the most essential parts of finding the open ports and the status of the port.The open ports...

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Its Detailed Working Function – SOC/SIEM

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a type of security software designed to automatically alert administrators when someone or something is trying to compromise...

Nmap – A Penetration Testing Tool To Perform Information Gathering (Guide)

Nmap is an open-source network monitoring and port scanning tool to find the hosts and services in the computer by sending the packets to...

Is this Website Safe: How to Check Website Safety – 2023

is this website safe? In this digital world, Check a website is safe is the most critical concern since there are countless malicious websites...

Active Directory Penetration Testing Checklist – 2023

This article covers Active directory penetration testing that can help penetration testers and security experts who want to secure their networks.Performing a penetration...
WireShark 4.0.0 Released – What’s New!!

WireShark 4.0.0 Released – What’s New!!

There are several open-source packet analyzers available, but Wireshark is among the most popular. Moreover, the application has been upgraded to version 4.0.0 and...

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