Mobile Hacking Firm Cellebrite’s New Premium Tool can Hack & Extract Data From All...

Israeli forensics firm and well-known Law enforcement contractor Cellebrite released a public statement that they can hack any iOS and High-end Android devices for law enforcement agencies. Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization is an Israeli company...
WhatsApp hacked

WhatsApp Hacked – Attackers Exploit iPhone or Android device by Making a WhatsApp call

A critical remote code execution vulnerability in WhatsApp allows hackers to deploy spyware remotely on the vulnerable devices. The vulnerability was discovered earlier this month by WhatsApp, and it can be tracked as CVE-2019-3568....
Most Important Security Practices to Keep Your iPhone Away From Cyber Criminals

Most Important Security Practices to Keep Your iPhone Away From Cyber Criminals

It is likely your iPhone stores a substantial amount of personal data, which you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. For example, it could contain your financial information, photographs, correspondence, sensitive documents, and account information.

Hackers Compromise iOS & Android Devices by Dropping Malware Over Hijacked WiFi Routers

Cybercriminals attempting to compromise iOS & Android devices via advanced Phishing campaign that redirect iOS users to a malicious landing page which allows attackers to collect sensitive information and the Android users are compromised with malware via...

Cloudflare Launched Warp – A New Free VPN Service for iOS and Android Users

Cloudflare launched "Warp", a free VPN service that automatically encrypts all the web traffic coming out of your device by default. Last year Cloudflare launched a free consumer-focused DNS service, according to Cloudflare...


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