30,000 Hot Bathtubs are vulnerable to Remote Attack by Hackers

Researchers discovered a serious flaw in more than 30,000 IoT connected bathtubs that can be authenticated by remote attackers to control the vulnerable tub located in your home. Ceri Coburn , a company...

Most Important Cybersecurity Risk Mitigating for Connected Vehicles

Staying connected when managing or owning a fleet is crucial. It is the only way to have real-time data and the monitoring of performance. However, we all know the risks that come with Connected Vehicles. Cybersecurity threats are rampant...

HNS IoT Botnet Scanning & Exploits the Routers to Compromise the Victims Networks

HNS(Hide & Seek) IoT botnet attack victims network using router-based vulnerabilities such as  CVE-2016-10401 to propagate malicious code and steal the victim's sensitive information. HNS communication established through peer to peer network which one of the rare mechanism which is used by...
Smart Home

Key Ways to Stop Hackers From Invading Your Smart Home

If you’re like millions of other people around the world, you have at least one, if not many, smart home products on your property. You could have lights, cameras, audio systems, door locks or appliances controlled by an app...

XMRig – New Cryptojacking Malware Attack on Apple Mac Devices

New Mac Cyptominer Malware  XMRig affected Mac users that cause a sudden increase of the CPU process called mshelper and the fans are running out of control to mine Monero cryptocurrency. A malicious process mshelper talking the complete CPU process...


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