Sunday, May 19, 2024

WhatsApp Filed a Lawsuit Against Indian Govt “Gov Rules Would Break End-to-end Encryption”

WhatsApp has recently filed a lawsuit against the Indian government, due to the IT rules and regulations that are recently framed by the Indian...

Canon Sued for Disable The Scanning Feature When Printers Run Out of Ink

Canon USA has been sued recently for not granting owners of specific printers to use the scanner or faxing functions in case they run...

Two European Men Sentenced for Providing ‘Bulletproof Hosting’ to Hackers

Two European men were sentenced recently by a US court for giving Bulletproof Hosting services to the hackers, and all these blackhat services were...

Flying To The UK? Learn About British Law

If you are contemplating a visit or a move to the United Kingdom, if you have your bags packed, your passport stamped, and your...

American Express (Amex) Fined £90,000 For Sending 4 Million Spam Emails Within a Year

The American Express (Amex) was recently fined £90,000 by the British data regulator for sending more than 4 million spam emails containing marketing campaigns...

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