Exploit FortiOS Zero-Day

Chinese Hackers Exploit FortiOS Zero-Day Vulnerability to Deploy New Malware

Mandiant recently reported that a group of hackers originating from China utilized a vulnerability within FortiOS SSL-VPN that had only recently been discovered, and...
ChatGPT and Polymorphic Malware

ChatGPT Can Be Used to Create Dangerous Polymorphic Malware

The cybersecurity experts at CyberArk have provided information on the mechanism by which the ChatGPT AI chatbot can produce a new strain of polymorphic...

Beware of the New ‘Blank Image’ Attack that Hides Malicious Scripts in Image Files

Avanan researchers have seen a new attack dubbed "Blank Image" spreading throughout the globe wherein hackers include blank images in HTML attachments. When opening...
organized threat actor Blind Eagle

Blind Eagle Hacker Group Launching Indiscriminate Attacks Using Powerful Toolset

There have been reports that an organized threat actor, known as Blind Eagle (tracked as APT-C-36), has re-appeared again with a refined toolset and...
Most Important Security Tools and Resources For Security Researcher and Malware Analyst

Best Malware Analysis Tools List For Security Researchers & Malware Analyst 2023

Malware analysis tools are highly essential for Security Professionals who always need to learn many tools, techniques, and concepts to analyze sophisticated Threats and...

Linux Malware Exploit Over 30 Vulnerabilities in WordPress Themes & Plugins

In an attempt to inject malicious JavaScript into WordPress plugins and themes that are outdated, a previously detected Linux malware that is unknown has...
GuLoader Malware Advanced Anti-Analysis

GuLoader Malware Uses Advanced Anti-Analysis Techniques to Evade Detection

An advanced malware downloader named GuLoader has recently been exposed by cybersecurity researchers at CrowdStrike. This advanced downloader has the capability to evade the...
Hackers Deploy New Information Stealer

Hackers Deploy New Information Stealer Malware onto Python Developers’ Machines

Researchers at Phylum recently discovered that hackers had been injecting information stealer malware into Python developers' machines in order to steal their information. As they...
KmsdBot DDoS Botnet

KmsdBot Botnet Leverages SSH to Compromise Systems and to Launch DDoS Attacks

Researchers from Akamai have continued to study the cryptomining botnet KmsdBot and have looked at its attack flow. It is believed that KmsdBot is...
New BrasDex Android Malware

Hackers Use New BrasDex Android Malware to Steal Users’ Banking Details

A new Android trojan called BrasDex has been identified as the work of the same threat actors responsible for the Casbaneiro malware that targets...

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