Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Stealerium Malware Targeting Wi-Fi Networks, Outlook to Steal Login Credentials

A new strain of malware known as Stealerium has been identified. It targets Wi-Fi networks and Microsoft Outlook to steal login credentials.This sophisticated malware...

Cloud-Based Malware Attack Abusing Google Drive & Dropbox

A phishing email with a malicious zip attachment initiates the attack. The zip contains a single executable disguised as an Excel file using Left-To-Right...

DoppelGänger Attack: Malware Routed Via News Websites And Social Media

A Russian influence campaign, DoppelGänger, leverages fake news websites (typosquatted and independent) to spread disinformation, undermining support for Ukraine.Structura and SDA are running...
Microsoft Unveild New Windows 11 Features

Microsoft Unveild New Windows 11 Features To Strengthen Security

Microsoft has been prioritizing security in Windows, as they introduced Secured-Core PCs to protect from hardware to cloud attacks and expanded passwordless offerings with...
Grandoreiro Malware Outlook Phishing

Grandoreiro Malware Hijacks Outlook Client to Send Phishing Emails

X-Force identified a phishing campaign targeting Latin American users since March 2024, where emails impersonate legitimate entities like tax and utility services, urging recipients...

Kinsing Malware Attacking Apache Tomcat Servers To Deploy Cryptominers

Kinsing malware, known for exploiting vulnerabilities on Linux cloud servers to deploy backdoors and cryptominers, has recently expanded its target to include Apache Tomcat...

ViperSoftX Malware Uses Deep Learning Model To Execute Commands

ViperSoftX malware, known for stealing cryptocurrency information, now leverages Tesseract, an open-source OCR engine, to target infected systems, which extracts text from images, and...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

In April 2024, security researchers revisited CVE-2023-36033, a Windows DWM Core Library elevation of privilege vulnerability that was previously discovered and exploited in the...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows Zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

Hackers exploit the Windows zero-day vulnerabilities, as they offer great advantages.This means that no patches or defenses exist for zero-day vulnerabilities as software vendors...

Beware Of New Social Engineering Attack That Delivers Black Basta Ransomware

Hackers exploit social engineering, which avoids technical security systems, by manipulating the psychology and behavior of a human being.Social engineering techniques, such as baiting...

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