Lemon Duck Malware

Cryptocurrency Miners Back – Lemon Duck Attacking Government, Retail, and Technology Sectors

The Cybersecurity research firm Cisco Talos has recently detected an activity that are linked with the cryptocurrency botnet. The experts claimed that...
modified PoetRAT campaigns

PoetRAT: Malware Targeting Public and Private Sector Using Malicious Microsoft Word Documents

Security researchers observed multiple new campaigns with modified PoetRAT targeting various public and private sector in Azerbaijan. The threat...
Emotet Malware Attacks

CISA Warns of Emotet Malware Attacks Targeting Government Entities Via Weaponized Word Documents

CISA observes a significant increase in Emotet malware attacks that steals login credentials from various browsers, email clients, and applications.
Fileless Malware Attack

Hackers Abuse Windows Error Reporting (WER) Service in Fileless Malware Attack

Security researchers uncovered a new attack dubbed Kraken that uses injected its payload into the Windows Error Reporting service to evade detection.
SilentFade Malware

SilentFade – A Malware Family that Used Facebook ad Platform to Attack Users

Every malware needs a medium to spread the infection, SilentFade malware abuses the Facebook ads platform to attack users for ad fraud,...


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