ATM Robber Malware Turns ATM into Slot Machine to Dispense Cash Automatically

ATM hijacking malware dubbed WinPot turns the ATMs into a slot machine, which starts dispensing the cash based on SPIN button. Security researchers from Kaspersky observed the emergence of the WinPot malware, the malware...

Torrents Sites Banned A Famous “CrackNow” Torrent Uploader that sharing GandCrab Ransomware

Many of the torrent sites strictly banned the popular torrent uploader CrackNow that caught for upload malicious files including GandCrab Ransomware. A lot more malicious torrents files are uploading in the torrent site which...
Astaroth Trojan

Astaroth Trojan Disguises as JPEG, GIF File Abuses OS and Antivirus Process to Steal...

A new unique campaign abuses system native OS process and security software to steal passwords and personal information. Threat actors disguise the Astaroth Trojan payload as JPEG, GIF, and extensionless to avoid file detections.

Hackers Launching Trickbot Malware That Steals VNC, PuTTY and RDP Credentials

The new variant of infamous trickbot malware comes with the capability of grabbing remote application login credentials. Trickbot is a banking malware which steals login credentials from applications, it was discovered long back ago,...
macOS Mojave

New Unpatched macOS Flaw Allow Hackers to Spy on Safari Browser History

Security Researcher discovered a vulnerability in macOS Mojave let malware apps bypass the privacy protection and read the safari browser web history. macOS Mojave has strictly restrict some of the folder by default...


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