fake reviews

Hackers Install Malware on Android Devices That Open Google Play Store to Provide 5*...

Researchers discovered a new type of strange malware that targeting android device, and use the victim's mobiles to provide fake ratings in...
UMX mobile

The U.S. Government Funded Smartphones Comes Pre-installed With Unremovable Malware

Security researchers from Malwarebytes found pre-installed malware on UMX U683CL handsets. The phones are made under the Lifeline program to low-income consumers...
Predator the Thief

Password-stealing Malware ‘Predator the Thief’ Delivered Through Weaponized Word Documents

The new version of Predator the Thief malware distributed through fake invoice documents aimed to steal sensitive user information.
Web Skimmers

Hackers using New Evasion Techniques in Web Skimmers To Bypass the Detection & Steal...

Researchers discovered a new evasion technique used by attackers in client-side web skimmer to bypass their conceal their fraudulent activity.
Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Computer Systems Infected by “Ryuk” Ransomware That Encrypts IT Network-Based...

U.S. Coast Guard discloses a ransomware attack on a Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facility by infamous “Ryuk” Ransomware.


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