MyloBot – Highly Sophisticated Botnet Shutdown Windows Defender & Blocking Ports on the Firewall

Newly uncovered complex MyloBot Botnet incorporates different malicious techniques and ability to shut down the Windows Defender and Windows Updates. Basically, botnet do many things such...

Google Removed 145 Malicious Apps from Google Play Store that Carries Windows Malware

Google removed around 145 apps from the Google Play store that infected by Windows Malware which are not developed to infect the Android platform...
mass cyberattack Bluekeep

First Cyberattack Spotted in Wild to Exploit Windows BlueKeep RDP Flaw

Security researchers spotted the first mass cyberattack campaign exploiting BlueKeep RDP Flaw to install a cryptocurrency miner on the vulnerable installations.
cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets Hacked by “CryptoShuffler” Trojan & Stole $140,000 From Many Wallet ID

A newly discovered Trojan called "CryptoShuffler" stole around $140,000 from cryptocurrency wallets by replacing the Original Wallet address with another and transfer into attacker...

Buhtrap Hackers Group Using Recently Patched Windows Zero-day Exploit to Attack Government Networks

An Infamous Cyberespionage group known as "Buhtrap" uses a Windows Zero-day exploit for its new campaign to attack businesses and perform targeted attack...


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