FlawedAmmyy RAT

Hackers Using Microsoft Publisher File To Deliver Dangerous FlawedAmmyy RAT Targeting Banks

A new campaign using Weaponized Microsoft Publisher File(.pub) to deliver the FlawedAmmyy RAT. The FlawedAmmyy RAT is a backdoor tool that gains remote access to the attacker. Security researchers from Trustwave spotted the Email campaign subjected "Payment Advice" with Microsoft...
MACOS Malware

MACOS Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Users On Slack and Discord – 100% Undetected Virustotal

Hackers targeting Cryptocurrency users On Slack and Discord chat platforms with MACOS Malware dubbed OSX.Dummy. The malware targeted users in crypto related chat groups Slack or Discord by impersonating admins or key people. Attackers shared small snippets which result in...
clipper hijacking

MetaMask – First Copy-and-Paste Hijacking Crypto Malware Found in Google Play

The clipper hijacking malware use to intercept the contents of the clipboard and replaces it with the content the attackers want to have. Generally, the cryptocurrency wallets contain a long string of characters for...
malicious macro

New Malicious Macro that Hijacks your Windows Desktop Shortcuts and Points to Download Malware

Cybercriminals using a malicious macro that changes the target of Desktop Shortcuts to download malware and when the user clicks on the altered shortcut file, the malware executes. With this new campaign, attackers used common tools like WinRAR, and Ammyy...
ATM Hack

New Trending Method of Network Based ATM Malware Attacks

Nowadays  ATM Based Cyber Attacks are Evolving with Much More Advance methods and Functions via Sophisticated Malware especially through Network Based ATM Malware Attacks that Play Major Role in Digital ATM Related Cyber Attacks. Traditions physical attempt of emptying ATM...


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