Malware in Minecraft mods Games Attack More Than 1 Million Android Users

Malware in Minecraft mods Games Attack More Than 1 Million Android Users

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. The first version of Minecraft was released earlier in 2009, but the game remains incredibly popular to...
Malware Games

Several Malware Games Downloaded by 4,500,000 Android Users From Google Play Store

Several Malware games discovered in Google play store that have been downloaded around 4.5 Million Android users and these malicious games helps to steal...

Powerful APT Malware “Slingshot” Performs Highly Sophisticated Cyber Attack to Compromise Router

Cyber criminals performing a highly sophisticated attack using APT Malware called Slingshot to compromise routers and gain the administrator level access. Slingshot is one of the...

Vault 7 Leaks: CIA Hacking Tool “Angelfire” Secret Document Revealed to Compromise ...

WikiLeaks Revealed a new Document of CIA Hacking Tool called "Angelfire" which comprised of 5 integrated components that are used to Compromise the Windows Computers...
Remote Access Trojan

Hackers Attacked Public Sector using Remote Access Trojan that was Entirely Written in Python

A newly emerging Remote access Trojan called CannibalRAT that completely written in Python language targeting and impacting the Brazilian public sector management school. Python is a powerful...


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