TA505 Cyber Threat Actors Installing Remote Monitoring Tool via Weaponized MS Word Document

Cyber Criminals from TA505 group started a new campaign that targeting retail, grocery, and restaurant chains by distributing weaponized MS word documents. TA505 group already had a record of distributing biggest threat campaign  Dridex and widely distributing Locky ransomware that affected...
Bangladesh Embassy

Hackers Compromised Bangladesh Embassy Website that Drops Weaponized Word Document with Malware

Threat actors compromised the Bangladesh embassy in Cairo website and taking control to drops the weaponized word documents that contains privilege escalation flaw exploit (CVE-2017-7255). Attackers are usually distributing various malware via malspam and...
Emotet Malware

Hackers Delivering Emotet Malware Via Microsoft Office Documents

A new malware campaign that delivers Emotet Malware Via Microsoft Office documents attachments with "Greeting Card" as the document name. Attackers targeted the USA's Independence Day to trick users into downloading the malicious document and to install the malware. The Banking...
Android Malware

4.2 Million Android Mobile Infected by “ExpensiveWall” Malware That Can Control Your Mobile Wallet

A New Google Play Store Android Malware called "ExpensiveWall" Discovered that can able to Control the Android Mobile wallet by sending fraudulent premium SMS messages which leads to charge for fake services. "ExpensiveWall" Infected almost 50 + Android Application and...

APT Group Cyber Attack Against Medical Sectors to Hack X-Ray & MRI Scan Machines

New APT Cyber espionage group Orangeworm targeting healthcare sectors and other medical related industries to deploy the powerful Kwampirs backdoor to compromise the medical devices such as X-Ray & MRI Scan Machines. Kwampirs backdoor initially discovered in 2016 that can able to...


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