Malicious Google Play Store Apps

2 Million Android Users Infected by Malicious Google Play Store Apps

A several Trojanized Malicious Google Play Store Apps have been discovered from different play store applications category that infected more than 2 Million Android users...
Android Malware

New Android Malware Found in 144 Google Play apps with 17.4 Million Installations

New Android Malware called "Grabos"  Found in 144 Google Play apps and its considering as one of the mass distribution play store Malware by...
Hiding Malware

Hackers Using Legitimate Windows Tools for Hiding Malware and Evade the Detection

Malware Authors are always using many sophisticated techniques to spreading advance persistent threats and Hiding Malware to evade the current defense mechanism such as...
Toast Overlay attack

All Android Version Except 8.0/Oreo are Vulnerable to Toast Overlay Malware Attack

A First Android malware called TOASTAMIGO has been discovered that capable of installing other malware into infected devices using Toast Overlay attack. Overlay attacks allow an...
poisoning the Google Search Results

Hackers Poisoning the Google Search Results to Spreading Highly Sophisticated Banking Malware

Hackers poisoning Google search results to spreading stealthy Banking Trojan by targetting financial-related keyword searches and make this trojanized Malicious links in Top of...


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