Pakistan Airport Websites Hacked : Return Revenge New year Gift From Indian Hackers

After Pakistani cyber attackers hacked Thiruvananthapuram airport's website a group of cyber experts from Kerala - the 'Mallu Cyber Soldiers' - decided to respond...

Switcher – Android Malware Seize Routers’s DNS Settings

Switcher - Android Malware Seize Routers's DNS Settings: A new Android Trojan was identified by malware researchers at Kaspersky Lab's. This trojan is bit special instead...

Ukrainian Artillery Tracked Using Android Malware implant By Russian Hackers

A hacking group from Russia used a malware implant on Android devices to track and target Ukrainian artillery units from late 2014 through 2016,...

The new Linux/Rakos, malware threatening devices and servers under SSH scan (Again)

New linux Malware, dubbed Linux/Rakos is threatening devices and servers.The malware is written in the Go language and the binary is usually compressed with the...
Ad Fraud Methbot

Tremendous Ad Fraud ‘Methbot’ : Attackers earn $3-5M Every day

What is Methbot Ad Fraud? Methbot was hosted and controlled by a hacker group in Russia and Operating out with data centres in US and Netherlands. It...


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