Mac Malware

Mac Malware Steals Cookies & saved Passwords when Users Visiting Crypto Exchange Service Websites

A new dangerous Mac Malware discovered that stealing the cookies when users visiting a website that belongs to cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet...
World’s most Dangerous Laptop With 6 Popular Malware Sold at $1.3 million

World’s Most Dangerous Laptop With 6 Popular Malware Sold at $1.3 million

The Laptop loaded with six most dangerous pieces of malware was sold at an auction. The malware present in the Laptop is...
Ursnif Banking Malware

New Ursnif Banking Malware Campaign Steals Credit Card, Banking, and Payment Information

Avast Threat Labs researchers obtained information on possible victims of Ursnif malware. Ursnif is a banking trojan and a...
Buran Ransomware

RaaS – Hackers Selling Buran Ransomware in Russian Forum That Encrypt All Version of...

Researchers uncovered a new ransomware family named "Buran" ransomware that works as a Ransomware-as-a-Service(RaaS) model and actively selling in a well-known Russian...
Mirrorthief Attack – Hackers Stolen Payment Information from More than 200 College Online Stores Affected

Hackers Stolen Payment Data using Credit card Skimming Attack from 200 Universities Online Stores

Hackers injected malicious skimming scripts into online stores payment checkout pages to scrape the credit card information and personal details of users.


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