RATicate – Hackers Group Launching an Information Stealing Malware via Remote Admin Tool

Recently, a hackers group, known as RATicate has abused the NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installers to deploy RATs (Remote Access Tools)...

ObliqueRAT – A New RAT Malware Distributed Through Weaponized Office Documents Targeting Government Organizations

A new malware campaign dubbed ObliqueRAT using malicious Microsoft Office documents to target government organizations in Southeast Asia. Researchers...
Phishing Email Campaign

DanaBot Banking Trojan Steal Private and Sensitive Information

A new phishing email campaign targeting Australian customers with a fake standard MYOB-like HTML invoice template that contains FTP links pointed to compromised servers. With...
Best Ways to Detect and Handle Suspicious Email Attachments

Best Ways to Detect and Handle Suspicious Email Attachments

I'm going to share some tips on how to spot suspicious email attachments quickly and easily. We get so many emails daily...
Triout Android malware

Hackers Tampered the Popular Android App With 50 Million Downloads to Deliver Malware

Threat actors tainted the popular Android app within Google play with more than 50 million installs to deliver the Triout Android malware.


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