Monday, March 4, 2024

Hackers Using Weaponized PDF Files to Deliver Qakbot Malware

Qakbot is a sophisticated banking trojan and malware that primarily targets financial institutions. This sophisticated malware steals sensitive information such as:-Login credentialsFinancial dataWhile hackers...

Surge in Open Source Malware Stealing Login Credentials & Sensitive Data

Over the decade, Python has been dominating the programming languages and consistently growing with open-source love. Numerous popular Python projects exist that are used by...
AsyncRAT Malware US

AsyncRAT Malware Attacking the US Infrastructure for 11 Months

AsyncRAT is an open-source remote access Trojan (RAT) malware known for its ability to provide unauthorized access and control over infected systems. It was...

10 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks in 2023

Cyber attacks are evolving rapidly with advancements in technology, as threat actors exploit new vulnerabilities in:-SoftwareNetworks The rise of the following sophisticated techniques demonstrates a...

New Medusa Stealer Attacking Users to Steal Login Credentials

While the world celebrated Christmas, the cybercrime underworld feasted on a different kind of treat: the release of Meduza 2.2, a significantly upgraded password...
Nim-Based Malware Word Document

New Nim-Based Malware Delivered via Weaponized Word Document

Hackers use weaponized Word documents to deliver malicious payloads through social engineering. By embedding malware or exploiting vulnerabilities in these documents, attackers trick users into...

Hackers Attacking Linux SSH Servers to Deploy Scanner Malware

Hackers often target Linux SSH servers due to their widespread use in hosting critical services, and the following loopholes make them vulnerable, providing opportunities...

JaskaGO Malware Attacking Windows and macOS Operating Systems

Due to the widespread use and popularity of Windows and macOS, threat actors often target these platforms. Windows is a common target because it dominates...

Hackers Leveraging GitHub Platform for Hosting Malware

Researchers have discovered two novel techniques on GitHub: one exploits GitHub Gists, while the other involves sending commands through Git commit messages.Malware authors will occasionally upload...

Hackers Actively Exploiting ActiveMQ Vulnerability to Install Malware

Attackers have been exploiting the Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability (CVE-2023-46604) to steal data and install malware constantly.Using the Apache ActiveMQ remote code execution vulnerability, the Andariel...

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