Saturday, December 2, 2023

Threat Actors Using an Armed OpenBullet Pentesting Tool to Manipulate Script Kids

Recent reports indicate that threat actors have been manipulating Script kiddies or amateur hackers into performing malicious actions that they never intended. This is...

Mysterious Team Bangladesh Hackers Launched 750 DDoS Attacks and Hacked 78 Website

The notorious Hacktivists group, Known as Mysterious Team Bangladesh, exploits vulnerable versions of PHPMyAdmin and WordPress.It conducts DDoS and defacement attacks through open-source utilities...

Users of Facebook for Business are the Target of a New Phishing Attack

An unreported phishing campaign that disseminated a Python version of the NodeStealer has been found.NodeStealer gave threat actors the ability to steal browser cookies...

Beware! Hacker-Sold macOS HVNC Tool Allows Complete Takeover

Threat actors targeting macOS have increased lately as there were several cases of macOS information stealer malware found in the past, and many are...

Weaponized Excel, OneNote, or PDF Attachments Deliver New WikiLoader Malware

The Italian organizations, including tax agencies, were targeted by a new malware downloader delivering banking Trojan.The new loader malware is presently undergoing active development,...

8 Common Hacking Techniques & 3 Ways to Avoid Them All

Hackers come in many forms with sophisticated Hacking Techniques, While there has been a lot of discussion about online security in recent years, many...

New Android Malware Uses Optical Character Recognition to Steal Login Credentials

A new Android malware strain uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques to extract sensitive data from pictures.This new Android malware strain is dubbed "CherryBlos,"...

Hacker Using Google and Bing ads to Deliver Weaponized IT tools

The latest research discovered malvertising campaigns abusing Google and Bing ads to target users seeking certain IT tools and deploying ransomware.This campaign targets several...

PDF Malware Distribution Has Increased by 500%, as Reported by VirusTotal

A new edition of the "VirusTotal Malware Trends Report" series, which focuses mostly on "Emerging Formats and Delivery Techniques," has been published by VirusTotal...

Rust Infostealer Malware Attacks macOS Sonoma Ahead of Public Release

Based on recent reports, it was discovered that there has been info stealer malware that affects both Windows and macOS platforms. The malware can...

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