Currency Stealer Malware

Currency Stealer Malware “ComboJack” Targets Online Wallets by Replacing Clipboard(Copy&paste) Addresses

Don't forget to check destination wallet before completing the transaction, a new currency stealer malware detected targetting online wallets and cryptocurrencies. The combojack malware targets a range of cryptocurrencies along with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin. It functions by...
Steals Facebook Credentials

Hackers Steals Facebook Account Details Using Android Malware

New Android malware discovered that steals Facebook credentials, account details such as username and Passwords and other information directly from users devices. This Malware mainly targeting the Asian Pacific-based English speaking users and it spreading via the third-party market. This new...
cheap Android device

Trojan Comes Preinstalled on More than 40 Cheap Android Device Models

Some of the cheap Android device models comes preinstalled with Trojan Android.Triada.231 that infects Android system component Zygote where all the Android application process derived. The Trojan injects into the module and capable of performing various malicious activities such as...
Remote Access Trojan

Hackers Attacked Public Sector using Remote Access Trojan that was Entirely Written in Python

A newly emerging Remote access Trojan called CannibalRAT that completely written in Python language targeting and impacting the Brazilian public sector management school. Python is a powerful programming language that is being deployed for everything from data science to machine learning and...
WordPress and Joomla

Over 700 WordPress and Joomla Websites Infected with IonCube Malware

New Ioncube Malware found on hundreds of WordPress and Joomla websites that infect with legitimate Ioncube encoded files. IonCube is a PHP Encoder that used for Encrypt and protect files with PHP encoding, encryption, obfuscation and licensing capabilities. This Malware infection discovered in...


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