poisoning the Google Search Results

Hackers Poisoning the Google Search Results to Spreading Highly Sophisticated Banking Malware

Hackers poisoning Google search results to spreading stealthy Banking Trojan by targetting financial-related keyword searches and make this trojanized Malicious links in Top of the search results with highly trust rate and enabling them to target users with the...
cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets Hacked by “CryptoShuffler” Trojan & Stole $140,000 From Many Wallet ID

A newly discovered Trojan called "CryptoShuffler" stole around $140,000 from cryptocurrency wallets by replacing the Original Wallet address with another and transfer into attacker wallet. Once CryptoShuffler spots the address of a cryptocurrency wallet, it will intrude the victim's wallet...
Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extension that Steals all Data Posted by Users on any Websites

Chrome Extensions continue to get compromised, security officer Renato Marinho from Morphus Labs identified a malicious Chrome extension that captures data posted by users online on any website. They noticed a phishing campaign titled "Follow the photos from the weekend...
Banking Trojan

Brazilian Banking Trojan Allows Attackers Hijack Victims Bank Account and Send Himself Victims Funds

Brazilian Banking Trojan Which Delivering under the name vm.png through Spam Email Champaign Allow to Hijack Victims Device and attackers send himself Victims Funds. An old banking fraud toolkit first discovered by IBM Trusteer in January 2015 has reared its...
Android malware

Sockbot Android Malware Found in Eight Apps on Google Play with 2.6 million Installations

Security experts from Symantec discovered eight apps that posed as a frontend for a new and highly prevalent type of Android malware. This malware shows up essentially focusing on clients in the United States, yet in addition has a threat...


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