Monday, March 4, 2024

Researchers Use Raspberry Pi Pico to Crack BitLocker Under a Minute

BitLocker is a computer program provided by Microsoft that users can use to encrypt their entire volumes, preventing unauthorized access in case of device...

New OilRig Downloaders Abusing Microsoft Cloud APIs for C&C Communications

Threat actors engage in cyberespionage to gain the following advantages:-StrategicPoliticalEconomicMilitaryHackers do so by stealing the following key things from the targeted organizations or nations:-Confidential...

Windows Defender Quarantine Folder Metadata Recovered for Forensic Investigations

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus and anti-malware software developed by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. It provides real-time protection against various threats, including:-VirusesSpywareRansomwareCybersecurity researchers...

Chinese Hackers Seized Outdated Routers for Covert Data Transfer

Volt Typhoon, also known as the Bronze Silhouette, has been discovered to be linked with a complex botnet called "KV-botnet."The threat actor has...

Microsoft’s 2023 Final Patch: 34 Vulnerabilities Including Critical 0-Day Fixed

Microsoft has released their patches for December 2023 as part of their Patch Tuesday. In this release, they have patched more than 34 vulnerabilities...

Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication Exploited on Microsoft, Dell, & Lenovo Laptops

Microsoft Windows Hello Fingerprint authentication was evaluated for security over its fingerprint sensors embedded in laptops.This led to the discovery of multiple vulnerabilities that...

117 Vulnerabilities Discovered in Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 Apps is a suite of productivity tools that includes the following apps and services offered by Microsoft through a subscription service:-Microsoft TeamsOneDriveSharePointPowerPointOutlookWordExcelMicrosoft...
Microsoft Authenticator Blocks Malicious Notification

Microsoft Authenticator New Feature Blocks Malicious Notification by Default

In an age where online threats loom large, safeguarding our personal and professional accounts has never been more critical. With hackers tirelessly attempting to breach...

Sapphire Sleet Hackers Attacking LinkedIn Users Based on Their Expertise

In a recent development, cybersecurity experts have identified a significant shift in the tactics employed by Sapphire Sleet, a notorious threat actor known for...

DarkGate, Which Abused Microsoft Teams, Now Leverages MSI Files

A new wave of cyberattacks has been discovered by Netskope Threat Labs, involving the use of SharePoint as a delivery platform for the notorious...

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