Friday, June 14, 2024

Octo Tempest Attacking Organizations to Steal Financial Data

Microsoft has been closely monitoring the Octo Tempest, a significant financial threat organization. This threat group employs various strategies and TTPs for worldwide extortion, making...
Hijacking Microsoft SQL Servers

Hackers Hijacking Microsoft SQL Servers to Compromise Azure Environments

Hackers frequently target Microsoft SQL servers because of their extensive use and possible weaknesses. These servers are a top target for hackers looking to make...

DarkGate, Which Abused Microsoft Teams, Now Leverages MSI Files

A new wave of cyberattacks has been discovered by Netskope Threat Labs, involving the use of SharePoint as a delivery platform for the notorious...

Indian Authorities Crackdown Microsoft and Amazon tech support scammers

Technical support fraud, also called tech and customer support fraud, is when someone pretends to be technical or customer support to trick people into...

Hackers Using Microsoft Teams to Deliver DarkGate Malware Via HR-themed Messages

Recent reports indicate that threat actors have been using Microsoft Teams to deliver DarkGate Loader malware.The campaign originated from two compromised external Office...

Storm-0324 Abusing Microsoft Teams To Gain Initial Access And Deploy Ransomware

Storm-0324, a financially driven threat actor group, was detected delivering phishing messages using Microsoft Teams.In the past, it has been accused of disseminating phishing...

Hackers are Abusing Dropbox to Steal Microsoft SharePoint Credentials

A growing cyber threat involving Dropbox has emerged, and it's raising concerns across the cybersecurity landscape. In the initial two weeks of September, a staggering...
Microsoft Office XSS Flaw

Microsoft Office XSS Flaw Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code

A recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Office Word has raised concerns over the security of the popular productivity suite. This security flaw, classified as a...

3 Zero-days and 100+ vulnerabilities Fixed in Microsoft Security Update

Microsoft has published its October security patches in which over 100 vulnerabilities were fixed in multiple Microsoft products, including Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows...

Sapphire Sleet Hackers Attacking LinkedIn Users Based on Their Expertise

In a recent development, cybersecurity experts have identified a significant shift in the tactics employed by Sapphire Sleet, a notorious threat actor known for...

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