Sunday, June 16, 2024

StrandHogg – Hackers Aggressively Exploiting New Unpatched Android OS Vulnerability in Wide Using Malware

Newly discovered Android vulnerability dubbed "StrandHogg" being exploited in wide by unknown hackers using weaponized malware apps that posed as a legitimate one to...

Millions of Android Phones including latest Versions Vulnerable to Cloak & Dagger attack

Cloak & Dagger attack discovered by security experts from Georgia Institute of Technology, which allows attackers to get complete control over your device.These attack...

Mobile Hacking Firm Cellebrite’s New Premium Tool can Hack & Extract Data From All...

Israeli forensics firm and well-known Law enforcement contractor Cellebrite released a public statement that they can hack any iOS and High-end Android devices for...
FCC SIM Swapping Attacks

FCC Implemented New Rules to Combat SIM Swapping Attacks

In a pivotal decision on November 15, 2023, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) orchestrated a formidable defensive strategy against insidious scams targeting consumers' cell...

Rising Threats in CyberSpace – Organizations Must be Prepared to Experience

Recently we have seen more increase in various threats and the ways of intruding the network and there were increase by APT...

7 Common Myths About Mobile Networks

Times when information was transmitted by signal fires, drums or pigeons have gone. Nowadays, all the information is transmitted both by wire and without...
Arid Viper Steals Sensitive data

Arid Viper Steals Sensitive Data From Android’s & Deploy Other Malware

According to recent reports, Arabic-speaking Android users have been targeted with spyware by the "Arid Viper" threat actor, also known as APT-C-23, Desert Falcon,...

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