Samsung Galaxy iris recognition can be Hacked simply

Samsung Galaxy iris recognition can be Hacked simply with Owner’s Photo

Security specialists from Chaos Computer Clubs found basic strides to break iris recognition system scanner of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 system...

Hackers Taping the Phone Network using SS7 Attacks to Steal Money From Bank Accounts

New research states that sophisticated hackers are now taping the Phone network by exploiting the SS7 protocol to steal money from the...

Torjan for Android Android.Xiny

What is Torjan?(Android.Xiny) Torjan a malicious program, often recognized as trusted application.Once activated they act as backdoor, stealing sensitive information's and also as spyware. Android.Xiny, Torjan...
MysteryBot Trojan

MysteryBot – Powerful Android Banking Trojan Launch Keylogger, Overlay & Ransomware in Single Attack

Newly Discovered Android-based MysteryBot Trojan launches various attack such as overlay, keylogger, and Ransomware in a single attack to perform various malicious activities. Based on...


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