Network Security Best Practices

Network Security Best Practices

In 2020, data security is a more significant concern than ever before. Data breaches can hinder the trust of your customers, leak...
10 Best Vulnerability Scanning Tools

10 Best Vulnerability Scanning Tools For Penetration Testing – 2020

A Vulnerability Scanning Tools is one of the essential tools in IT departments Since vulnerabilities pop up every day and thus...
Hacking Software

Top 8 Best Web Security and Hacking Software for Security Professionals in 2020

Hacking software is not only used by hackers for criminal activities but it's equally used by white hat hackers and security professionals...
Wireshark 3.2.7

Wireshark 3.2.7 Released With Fix for Security Vulnerabilities & New Features

Wireshark 3.2.7 was released with a fix for security vulnerabilities and an updated version of Npcap & Qt. Wireshark is known as...
Wireshark 3.3.0

Wireshark 3.3.0 Released With New Features, Protocols & Capture File Support

Wireshark 3.3.0 was released with a fix for vulnerabilities that results in the BACapp dissector crash and fix for other bugs.


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