Thursday, December 7, 2023

How To Select Your Pentest Vendor: Guide

Systematic Penetration Testing is the only way to be a step ahead of hackers, so it is worth spending money on. But there are...

What Are The Top 5 Penetration Testing Techniques?

Before you start reading this topic, you need to know what are penetration tests all about? This is also known as pen test which...
Top Free Cybersecurity Tools 2021

Top Free Cybersecurity Tools 2024

Whether you’re a large business organization, a small startup, or an individual working from home, cybersecurity tools are equally essential for you.Of course,...

Millions of Routers are Actively Exploited Through Bypasses Authentication Bug

The security researcher at the information security company Tenable Evan Grant detected that a serious security violation puts millions of routers at risk all...

The Most Important Role of Penetration Testing in Data Privacy and Protection

Lack of penetration testing, A recent study found that 33% of businesses have lost customers because of a breach.Not only will this kind of...
Kali Linux Announced New Kali 2020.1 Comes With Kali “Non-Root Users By Default”

Kali Linux Announced New Kali 2020.1 Comes With “Non-Root Users By Default”

Kali Linux announced a new security model for Non-Root Users which is going to be released in kali 2020.1 update, and it is currently...

Best Web Testing Tools to Improve Website Performance

Are you trying to figure out what tools are best for testing your web applications? If so, you have likely done some research and...

5 Steps How To Protect Your Company Infrastructure From Insider Threats

While most people worry about threats from hackers trying to breach their security from the outside, it’s just as, if not more, important to...

Weaponized iPhone Charging Cable Comes with Payload that Allow Hackers to Hijack Your Computer

An iPhone charging cable comes with preloaded payload, scripts, and commands that allows hackers to remotely open the terminal on Mac book screen and...
nmap 7.80

Nmap 7.80 Released – 80+ New Improvements, Bug Fixes, New Npcap, NSE Scripts/libs

The new version of Nmap 7.80 released in Defcon, Vegas by Gordon Fyodor, network security and created of Nmap.This new version of Nmap...

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