Phishing Attack Prevention: Best 10 Ways To Prevent Email Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attack Prevention: Best 10 Ways To Prevent Email Phishing Attacks

No one wants to believe they’d fall victim to phishing attacks. However, phishing attacks are on the rise and are more sophisticated...
Zoom Phishing

Beware of Zoom Phishing Campaign that Threatens Employees Contracts will be Suspended or Terminated

A new zoom phishing campaign observed asking recipients to join a zoom meeting that threatens employees that their contracts will be either...
16Shop Phishing Kit Distribution Network Expands to Attack PayPal Users and adds Antibot Module

16Shop – Malware-as-a-service Phishing Toolkit Attack PayPal Users With Anti-Detection Techniques

A prolific phishing kit distribution network dubbed "16Shop" believed to be active since 2018 and developed by a hacking group called the...
SMS phishing attack

Hackers Remotely Control Email & Browser by Just Sending an SMS and Change the...

Researchers discovered an advanced SMS phishing attack on some of the targeted Android phone's that allows a remote attacker to trick victims...
Calendar phishing

Beware!! Scammers use Google Calendar Notifications to steal the User’s Money and Identity

Scammers are abusing Google Calendar services to trick victims into giving away the personal and financial information such as passwords, card details,...


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