Ad Fraud Methbot

Tremendous Ad Fraud ‘Methbot’ : Attackers earn $3-5M Every day

What is Methbot Ad Fraud? Methbot was hosted and controlled by a hacker group in Russia and Operating out with data centres in US and Netherlands. It was also nicknamed as "methbrowser," , because it has a fake browser which redirect's itself. These "bot farm"...

Hackers pounce on Windows crack exposed by Google

San Francisco- Microsoft on Tuesday warned that a Windows vulnerability exposed by rival Google was being exploited by a hacking group suspected of cyber attacks on US political institutions. Hackers that Microsoft researchers call "Strontium" launched a low-volume spear-phishing campaign...

Open JPEG Vulnerability CVE-2016-8332

Open JPEG Vulnerability CVE-2016-8332 disclosed by Cisco Talos group in  JPEG2000 image file format parser which implemented with the OpenJpeg library.   What is OpenJPEG ? OpenJPEG is an open source JPEG2000 codec written With C Language. JPEG 2000 is an image coding system that uses state of the...


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